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Coming Exhibitions

Improper Structures

Proudly presented as part of Melbourne Design Week 2022

March 9th - March 27th 2022

Opening Celebration - Saturday 19th March 4pm - 6pm

mon - fri 12pm-4pm | sat - sun12pm - 4pm | monday march 14th CLOSED


Past Exhibitions

Creo Logo.jpg
an exhibition of objects
by Victoria Mason & Ewan Tremellen
as part of
Radiant Pavilion 21
Nov 30th - Dec 4th 2021

Tuesday - Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday - 11am-3pm (with studio sale)


Changing the scale of an object can alter its function completely. What happens to a piece of jewellery when you increase its size 10 fold? ‘Scale Up’ is an inquiry by two jewellers into the subtleties of design and what it takes to go bigger. Swapping miniature for larger scale, Victoria Mason and Ewan Tremellen are using their goldsmithing skills, re-established into bronze casting & stonework. This updated approach amplifies the rule they are familiar with in jewellery - that form follows function and wearing heavy earrings can hurt.
In its new role, these larger-scale jewellery pieces cease to be wearable and instead hold their own space as sculptures within a different set of rules. ‘Scale Up’ honours the traditions of the jewellery bench and takes them to new, unexplored heights.

Eluvium Pendant Lights

a collaborative work by Victoria Mason & Ewan Tremellen

Image by Graham Alderton

Scale Up is a 14 day, slow-release exhibition. Each day a new work will be added to Creo's gallery here, instagram & facebook.

Deadly Divine

VGF Artwork 1_edited.jpg

All works (unless already sold) are available for purchase.
Please do not hesitate to be in contact if you would like to add one ofVG Fitzmaurice's artworks to your collection.

November 18th-24th 2021

thu/fri - 10am-4pm 

sat/sun - 11am - 2pm

tue/wed - 10am-4pm

Salt Reef by VG Fitzmaurice


To appreciate the Australian landscape you need to embrace its extremes. 

The lush can be burnt, the dry can flood and what is colourful can soon 

be bleached.  ‘Deadly Divine’ is an exploration of the transient beauty 

that we see all around us, through the perspective of VG Fitzmaurice, a 

proud Wurundjeri man. With respect to his heritage, Vegas incorporates 

traditional symbolism with street art to tell his own story, his own way.

Preliminary Structures

Proudly presented as part of Melbourne Design Week 2021

March 9th - April 4th 2021

Celebration! - Saturday 27th March 3pm - 6pm

wed - fri 10-4pm | sat 11am - 3pm | Sunday March 28th and Public Holidays: 11am–3pm

'Preliminary Structures'

Damon Moon, David Herbert, James Walsh, Kirsten Perry, Kristin Burgham, Liam Fleming & Somchai Charoen. Curated by Eliza Tiernan & Josephine Briginshaw


‘Preliminary Structures’ presents seven contemporary makers and designers working in moulding and casting techniques across ceramic and glass disciplines. The exhibitors combine studio and industrial making methods to create work that experiments with modularity, materiality, repetition, surface and form. 

The works explore new ideas and concerns as investigated through mould making processes, and reflect on craft’s complicated relationship to industry, sculpture, design and architecture. The exhibition challenges preconceived ideas of industrial perfection and replication, and repositions these preliminary structures for their craftsmanship and artform. 


'Post Production' 2020, Liam Fleming.

Photo: Grant Hancock.

Preliminary Structures 

Photography by Thomas Lentini 2021


Christina Darras

Le Flaneur

December 10th - December17th 2020

Opening event Saturday 12th December 12.30-2.30

thur fri 10-4pm | sat 12.30-2.30pm | tues wed thur 10-4pm

Christina Darras is dynamic Melbourne artist of Athenian Greek origin. Her joyful exploration of various mediums allows her work to take various forms be it jewellery, paintings, embroidery or installations. Above all, Christina’s work evokes feelings of inquisitive optimism. This collection of artworks forms part of her ‘one thing a day’ ethos that happened to coincide with the harsh but necessary Melbourne lock-down. Through this trying time, Christina explored the idea of how isolation could lead to a perceived loss of identity. Her pared-back figures demonstrate the basic needs that we had - to connect with others through touch and to return to a life that was familiar. A restrained palate of peach and aqua strengthens this message. 

Christina Darras

Photo Credits : Courtesy of Art Documentation Melbourne and Kingston Arts.

Join us at Creo on Sat 12th Dec12.30 - 2.30pm

for the opening event for Christina Darras' Le Flaneur.

Christina will be speaking about this collection of works at 1.30pm. 

Bec's Gallery

Bec Smith

Inner Mechanics

November 26th - December 3rd 2020

Opening event Thursday 26th Nov

fri 10-4pm | sat 11-3pm | tues wed thur 10-4pm

Bec Smith is a Melbourne-based painter, designer and visual storyteller. Inner Mechanics is Bec's 5th solo exhibition and Creo's inaugural show. The works in this exhibition address Bec's 'before and after' feelings of the Melbourne lock-down as they relate to Jungian analysis and knowledge of the self - the ego, the persona and the shadow.


Thanks for Joining!

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