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Bec Smith Gallery
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an exhibition of objects
by Victoria Mason & Ewan Tremellen
as part of Radiant Pavilion 21
re-opening Nov 30th - Dec 4th

Tuesday-Friday - 10am-4pm

Saturday - 11am-3pm (with studio sale)

There’s an intrinsic link between miniature wearables and free-standing sculpture. Each occupies its own domain but there are also cross-overs, the ‘between-space’ where both reside.

Unlike other disciplines such as painting or sculpture, jewellery needs to work with the body. Sharp edges and fragile materials are impractical at best, painful at worst.


But for sculpture, these rules can be different - fragility is revered, heft irrelevant. Can the essence of a design be be scaled up and if so, how will it look?


Victoria Mason and Ewan Tremellen work to translate the familiar jewellery making techniques into larger scale interpretations of similar themes, to create a progressive dialogue about scale.

Scale Up is a 12 day slow-release online exhibition where one work per day will be presented (to be a open door exhibition when possible)

We'd like to thank co-founders of Radiant Pavilion, Chloë Powell & Clare McArdle for this opportunity

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