About Team Creo

Creo is a multi-use space and the artistic vision of two friends.

This unique gallery created by Victoria and Ewan also incorporates their workshops and a business base to support Creo exhibitions and events. 

Victoria Mason is an artisan, sculptor, jeweller and one half of team Creo. Telling stories through jewellery & small sculpture, Victoria distills a feeling or an idea into a seemingly simple object.  Victoria has amassed a collection of powerful designs over the years, which tap into those quieter feelings and resonate with a broad spectrum of people.


Ewan Tremellen is a sculptor, jeweller, artist and the second half of team Creo.  Ewan's work has evolved from fine jewellery through to sculptural exploration of metals, stone and design. Ewan works on commission for jewellery and his sculptural work is based on designs inspired by natural form. 

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Quip gallery dog.JPG

Additional team member

Every gallery needs an assistant. Quip excels in providing encouragement and displaying a sense of zen as she naps in the corner. 

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Thanks for Joining!